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2021 | CAN-ACN satellite symposium by the Canadian Neurophotonics Platform

A satellite meeting of the 14th Annual Canadian Neuroscience Meeting August 26th, 2021

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Note: All times refer to Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Thematics of the 2021 edition:

New avenues pursued by the Canadian Neurophotonics Platform/Optogenetics & Vectorology Foundry

11:00 WELCOME: Yves de Koninck (CERVO Brain Research Center, Université Laval)

SESSION 1: Invertebrates and lower vertebrates. Chair: Ed Ruthazer

11:10 Antoine Légaré and Vincent Boily (Paul De Koninck’s lab, Université Laval)
Whole brain Ca2+ imaging in the zebrafish

11:40 Tomoko Ohyama (McGill University)
Optogenetic and connectome approaches for mapping of small brain circuit


SESSION 2: Human cells & tissue. Chair: Reza Sharif

13:45 Tom Durcan’s lab, MNI, McGill University
Nguyen-Vi Mohamed: Microfabricated disk technology: rapid scale up in midbrain organoid generation
Ghislaine Deyab: Characterizing Patterns of Neural Activity in Midbrain Organoids as a Model for Parkinson's Disease

13:15 Pierre Marquet (Université Laval)
Digital Holographic Microscopy: a high-speed label-free technique to resolve neuronal network activity


SESSION 3: Rodents (slice work and whole-animal). Chair: Paul De Koninck

14:45 Stephanie Borgland (Hotchkiss Brain Institute, Calgary)
Optogenetic stimulation of lateral hypothalamic orexin inputs to the VTA activate dopamine neurons in a circuit-specific manner to drive reward-seeking

15:15 Jean-Claude Béique (U. Ottawa)
Integrated computational, electrophysiological and optical frameworks to study synaptic and network dynamics


SESSION 4: Non-human primates and human disease models Chair: Martin Parent

16:00 Keith Murai’s lab (RI-MUHC, McGill University)
Jean-Bastien Bott: Calcium imaging: From mice to non-human primates Keith Murai: Imaging Astrocytes in Marmosets

16:30 Marja Sepers and Ellen Koch (Lynn Raymond’s lab, UBC)
Using in vivo optogenetic sensors to elucidate cortico-striatal dysfunction in mouse models of Huntington's Disease


PANEL DISCUSSION (10 min each followed by discussion): Open science Chair: Yves De Koninck

17:15 Adrien Peyrache (McGill University)
NWB pipeline for mini-scope data

17:30 Jeffrey LeDue (University of British Columbia)
Enabling Collaborative Neuroscience Research: the UBC Dynamic Brain Circuit cluster’s Databinge forum

17:45 Marie-Eve Paquet (Université Laval)
Viral vectors – Discovering novel AAVs in the context of Open science

18:00 Ted Fon (The Neuro - McGill)
Open Science as a Mission Enabler at The Neuro

18:15 Panel Discussion

19:00 Networking events (1 breakout room per session)

20:00 CLOSING REMARKS: Yves De Koninck

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