Ça va bien aller !
괜찮을 겁니다
it's going to be all right !
всё будет хорошо
Es wird alles gut werden
wszystko będzie dobrze.
andrà tutto bene
todo va a estar bien
Vai correr tudo bem
فإنه سوف يكون على ما يرام
यह ठीक होंगा
լավ կլինի
ще бъде наред
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An International Summer School on Advanced Optical Imaging and Photoactivation Techniques
14th Edition
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Recent News

Read a recent Nature Spotlight article which highlights the Neurophotonics Centre and Summer School. The director of the Neurophotonics Centre, Yves De Koninck, is interviewed on the topic of large-scale national brain research projects, and explains the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to understand this complex organ:

Congratulations to the 2019 Frontiers in Neurophotonics Summer school prize winners:
Winners of the best mini-projects prizes:

  • Gregory S. Wirak et Shuce Zhang , 1st place winners: Multimodal Digital Holographic Microscopy to Resolve Neuronal Network Activity
  • Lindsey M. Brier, Evangelia Semizoglou, Tom Venneman (with Tutor: Feng Wang) 2nd place winners: Imaging spinal cord microglia
  • Taylor Joseph Malone, Mengke Han. 3rd place winners: GCaMP imaging in live zebrafish

Winners of the best tutors prizes

The activities of the 2019 Summer Neurophotonics Institute of the CERVO research center will begin shortly.

What is the Summer Neurophotonics Institute? It is an opportunity to attend, on Tuesdays at noon, tutorials about research that is done at the CERVO center. These tutorials will help you understand the basics of brain research and facilitate discussions with other students in the summer session.

The Summer Neurophotonics Institute is for whom? For all summer students of the CERVO research center

You are invited to participate in this bootcamp, which will take place 26 - 28 February 2019 at Forêt Montmorency. Registration is open until February 15.

Under the initiative of the CREATE-SMAART and Sentinel North programs at Université Laval, this bootcamp offers students a unique opportunity to interact with top level scientists as part of a transdisciplinary and highly technological training program aimed to develop and deploy an optical device in northern conditions.

Graphical abstract - Glasgow et al. 2018

New research published in Cell Reports demonstrates that a molecule best known for its role as an axon guidance cue in the developing brain called netrin-1 plays a critical role in the strengthening of connections, called synapses, between neurons in the adult brain.  This strengthening of connections, called long-term potentiation was demonstrated to require netrin-1in a brain area called the hippocampus, associated with memory formation.

Read a recent article in Le Soleil newspaper about Zilia, a company commercializing a new tool for early diagnosis of several eye conditions, including glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Zilia, formerly known as Retnia, employs four students/alumni from the CERVO research centre,  Cleophace Akitegetse (PhD), Jasmine Poirier (MSc), Nicolas Lapointe and Damon De Paoli (PhD).

The Canadian governement also announced its support of this company, with a $200 000 loan.

Congratulations to the following Summer School participants on winning our awards!

Best presentations: