June 2-12 2019 Quebec city | Canada
An International Summer School on Advanced Optical Imaging and Photoactivation Techniques
13th Edition
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Neurophotonics Centre selected to recruit a Canada Excellence Research Chair in Neurophotonics

The Neurophotonics Centre has been awarded one of only 11 Canada Excellence Research Chairs in the country, each worth up to $10 million dollars over 7 years.


Neurophysics/Biophotonics/Neuroengineering joint meeting - January 2013

On January 23-24, 2013, PIs of the Neurophysics training program had a joint meeting at McGill University with mentors of the training programs in Biophotonics and Neuroengineering, both financially supported by NSERC’s CREATE program. Discussions focused primarily on developing new collaborations amongst the 3 groups, as well as brainstorming over new financing strategies to ensure the perennity of the training programs in the context of budgetary cuts from the provincial and federal granting agencies.


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