Ça va bien aller !
괜찮을 겁니다
it's going to be all right !
всё будет хорошо
Es wird alles gut werden
wszystko będzie dobrze.
andrà tutto bene
todo va a estar bien
Vai correr tudo bem
فإنه سوف يكون على ما يرام
यह ठीक होंगा
լավ կլինի
ще бъде наред
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Dr. Martin Deschênes Dr. Martin Deschênes

Open house photo

The 4th edition of the Open House for CEGEP students was held on April 17th 2013 at the Research Centre of the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Québec (IUSMQ).

Neurophotonics expert Dr. Daniel Côté is collaborating with brain anatomy specialist Dr.Martin Parent and neurosurgeon Dr.Leo Cantin to develop novel neurosurgery tools through the use of fiber optics. This team made of specialists from the "Institut universitaire de santé mentale de Québec" and Université Laval expect their efforts to produce usable tools by three years.

Read the full article. In French.

The Neurophotonics Centre has been awarded one of only 11 Canada Excellence Research Chairs in the country, each worth up to $10 million dollars over 7 years.

On January 23-24, 2013, PIs of the Neurophysics training program had a joint meeting at McGill University with mentors of the training programs in Biophotonics and Neuroengineering, both financially supported by NSERC’s CREATE program. Discussions focused primarily on developing new collaborations amongst the 3 groups, as well as brainstorming over new financing strategies to ensure the perennity of the training programs in the context of budgetary cuts from the provincial and federal granting agencies.

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http://www.biophotonics.ulaval.ca/archives/ website.