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Posted: 2022-03-08

Sales Representative, Microscopy
Req ID:  3827

Working Location: QUEBEC, QUEBEC CITY

Are you looking for a company that cares about people’s lives and health, including yours? At Olympus, we help make people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling, every day.

Let’s inspire healthier lives, together.
Job Description

The Microscopy Sales Consultant functions as a resource for the customer and identifies customer needs based upon detailed discussions. Using product and application knowledge, the incumbent provides solutions to meet their needs. Install and train customer using equipment purchased.


Posted: 2021-11-26

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves around the entire world. This situation has brought into focus the challenges now faced worldwide. As the economy begins to recover, we are exploring through real-world applications how optics & photonics address post-pandemic challenges head on.

By attending this webinar, participate in a global discussion, learn from industry-driven data and discover how optics help solve health industry challenges including:
• Large throughput health screening
• Optical tools for transitioning to telemedicine
• Optical tools to improve pharmaceutical and medical devices autonomy
• Lower pathogens transmission probability (UV light and aerosol sensors)

Come and chat with our expert Suzie Dufour...

Posted: 2021-05-25

Neurescence is a dynamic start-up in Toronto looking for an Application Scientist!

We have developed and commercialized a miniature microscope initially targeted to the neuroscience research market. Our Quartet® system probes are implanted in multiple regions of the brain and spinal cord and follow the activities of 100s of neurons in each region for months, while the subject freely moves around. Our Chromatone ™ system enable simultaneous imaging and stimulation of multiple subpopulations of neurons and in multiple brain areas. Our hardware-software suite is the only technology that allows establishing a causal...

Posted: 2021-04-20

Olympus is proud to announce our next virtual event, the

Olympus Discovery Summit—Looking Forward: A New Era of Research.

During this event, we will cover emerging technologies , best practices for a post-pandemic workplace, and next-generation models for research. With presentations including customer presentations and tech talks , this is a great opportunity to touch base with your fellow microscopists and imaging experts and learn what advancements are being made!

Be sure to attend this exciting event – register today at

Posted: 2020-07-30

The Balbi lab will open its doors this August at the Queensland Brain Institute, in Brisbane, Australia. The lab will employ a multi-level approach combining in vivo imaging techniques and optogenetics to investigate neuroprotective mechanisms of the brain under pathological conditions such as stroke. Our goal is to understand the intrinsic mechanisms of the brain to restore itself and harness them for therapeutic purposes by using a multi-level approach that includes neuronal, systems and behavioural analysis. Our vision is to recruit and enhance the intrinsic mechanisms of neuroprotection through recovery paradigms tailored individually by automated assessment and AI-controlled feedback.

We are currently accepting applications at different levels. Take a look at “our...

Posted: 2019-07-03

Three positions available from Iris Scientific, a specialty recruiter working exclusively in the scientific equipment industry:

  1. Position 1: Advanced Microscopy Imaging Specialist (Montreal - home office based, field sales)

  2. Position 2: Microscopy Sales Specialist (Montreal - home office based, field sales)

  3. Position 3: Microscopy Sales Specialist (Alberta, Calgary OR Edmonton - home office based, field sales)

Details of the positions are available below.

Position 1: Advanced Microscopy Imaging Specialist

Location: Montreal (home office based, field sales)

Total Compensation: 60k base salary, Car Allowance, 40-60k+ uncapped commissions for on...

Posted: 2019-04-07


Fluorescence is a prominent trait of Great Barrier Reef corals, colouring their tissues with a variety of proteins of the GFP (green fluorescent protein) family. These proteins are some of the most widely known fluorescent markers used to identify gene and protein expression and dynamics.

Their function in marine organisms is still poorly understood although they are known to be important in light modulation of coral tissues to optimise photosynthesis of symbiotic microalgae. Furthermore, the expression of GFP-type protein genes varies across coral populations, life-history stages, and is strongly regulated in response to environmental perturbations, such as seawater warming.


Supervised by Dr Alexie Papanicolaou and Dr Anya Salih, this...

Posted: 2018-08-17


Mightex Systems, is a market leader in developing and producing photonic systems for life science research. Our most recent innovation, the OASIS Implant, is an all-optical system for cellular resolution optogenetics and calcium imaging in freely-behaving animals, a ground-breaking tool that will enable neuroscientists to make new discoveries about how the brain works.
The successful candidate will be responsible for providing post-sales support to our customers using the OASIS Implant. The type of support provided will include biological and surgical guidance, overall experimental design, technical training and troubleshooting, as well as data analysis. The candidate will be required to provide support both remotely and in person by periodically...

Posted: 2018-05-10

Dr. Giuseppe Vicidomini has two positions available in his laboratory in Genoa, Italy

I have two positions available in my group.

One is for a post-doc, on microscopy and single particle tracking

One is for a PhD student (starting in November 2018) on the development of novel multi-parameter scanning microscopy techniques

Posted: 2018-05-04

Are you an expert in confocal, super-resolution, FLIM, FFS, high-content imaging, lightsheet microscopy or image analysis? Want to work in a microscopy platform in the worlds most livable city? We have two positions available.

The Biological Optical Microscopy Platform at the University of Melbourne provides support for over 300 researchers using high-end optical microscopes across a wide range of biological research areas. The primary role is to provide expert advice to all platform users in experimental design, experimental applications and data analyses.

The appointee will provide training and research support for one or more advanced optical microscopy applications (confocal, super-resolution, fluorescence lifetime imaging, fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy, high-...