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André Longtin
André Longtin | UOttawa
(613) 562-5800 x6762
(613) 562-5190

Physics Department, University of Ottawa
150 Louis Pasteur
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 6N5

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André Longtin, Ph.D.

Theoretical and computational studies of the nervous system

University of Ottawa Centre of Excellence leader

Professor of Physics , American Physical Society Fellow
University Research Chair in Neurophysics
Director, Center for Neural Dynamics

One of the goals of Dr. André Longtin's research is to develop theoretical and computational models of the nervous system, based on the biological and physical properties of these networks.  Such models can be used to address deep questions in neuroscience and to direct research efforts, by identifying testable hypotheses.  

The theoretical and computational models developed help researchers understand the codes used by the brain to perform functions such as understanding the world through the senses, remembering, maintaining proper neurotransmitter balance for health, response to trauma or communication between brain regions.

Dr. Longtin's approaches will help in the analysis of the large amounts of data generated by neuroscience and neuroimaging (optics and photononics) experiments.

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