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CNP Achievements

One of the greatest challenges of modern science is to decipher the functional connectome of nature’s most complex organ, the human brain. This ranges from understanding how connections between nerve cells (synapses) form and rearrange throughout development, during learning and in the course of pathogenesis to deciphering how microcircuits of the brain process information and guide behaviour in the normal and diseased brain.

The Canadian Neurophotonics Platform (CNP) is a technology platform that drives development and maximizes exploitation of leading-edge photonics technologies for the study, diagnostics and treatment of brain diseases.

Since its inception on October 1st, 2015, researchers working at the CNP, physicists, chemists and neuroscientists from research centers across the country have combined efforts to create unique core facilities with expertise that drives technology development and/or apply leading edge photonics-based approaches to the study of multiple brain diseases.

Frontiers Research Topics: Shedding Light on the Nervous System: Progress in Neurophotonics Research

Topic editors: Jean-Claude Béïque, Yves De Koninck, Edward Ruthazer

This research topic has been organized in celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Canadian Neurophotonics Platform, a multi-institutional program for the creation and dissemination of new technologies and reagents to study brain cells and circuits using light.

Front. Neural Circuits, 17 May 2022
Volume 16 – 2022 |