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2021 | CAN-ACN satellite symposium by the Canadian Neurophotonics Platform

A satellite meeting of the 14th Annual Canadian Neuroscience Meeting August 26th, 2021

Recording available

Due to technical difficulties during the recording, the first talk by Antoine Légaré and Vincent Boily entitled ‘Whole brain Ca2+ imaging in the zebrafish’ was not recorded. We apologize for the inconvenience

Download a PDF version of the program here

Note: All times refer to Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Thematics of the 2021 edition:

New avenues pursued by the Canadian Neurophotonics Platform/Optogenetics & Vectorology Foundry

11:00 WELCOME: Yves de Koninck (CERVO Brain Research Center, Université Laval)

SESSION 1: Invertebrates and lower vertebrates. Chair: Ed Ruthazer

11:10 Antoine Légaré and Vincent Boily (Paul De Koninck’s lab, Université Laval)
Whole brain Ca2+ imaging in the zebrafish

11:40 Tomoko Ohyama (McGill University)
Optogenetic and connectome approaches for mapping of small brain circuit


SESSION 2: Human cells & tissue. Chair: Reza Sharif

13:45 Tom Durcan’s lab, MNI, McGill University
Nguyen-Vi Mohamed: Microfabricated disk technology: rapid scale up in midbrain organoid generation
Ghislaine Deyab: Characterizing Patterns of Neural Activity in Midbrain Organoids as a Model for Parkinson’s Disease

13:15 Pierre Marquet (Université Laval)
Digital Holographic Microscopy: a high-speed label-free technique to resolve neuronal network activity


SESSION 3: Rodents (slice work and whole-animal). Chair: Paul De Koninck

14:45 Stephanie Borgland (Hotchkiss Brain Institute, Calgary)
Optogenetic stimulation of lateral hypothalamic orexin inputs to the VTA activate dopamine neurons in a circuit-specific manner to drive reward-seeking

15:15 Jean-Claude Béique (U. Ottawa)
Integrated computational, electrophysiological and optical frameworks to study synaptic and network dynamics


SESSION 4: Non-human primates and human disease models Chair: Martin Parent

16:00 Keith Murai’s lab (RI-MUHC, McGill University)
Jean-Bastien Bott: Calcium imaging: From mice to non-human primates Keith Murai: Imaging Astrocytes in Marmosets

16:30 Marja Sepers and Ellen Koch (Lynn Raymond’s lab, UBC)
Using in vivo optogenetic sensors to elucidate cortico-striatal dysfunction in mouse models of Huntington’s Disease


PANEL DISCUSSION (10 min each followed by discussion): Open science Chair: Yves De Koninck

17:15 Adrien Peyrache (McGill University)
NWB pipeline for mini-scope data

17:30 Jeffrey LeDue (University of British Columbia)
Enabling Collaborative Neuroscience Research: the UBC Dynamic Brain Circuit cluster’s Databinge forum

17:45 Marie-Eve Paquet (Université Laval)
Viral vectors – Discovering novel AAVs in the context of Open science

18:00 Ted Fon (The Neuro – McGill)
Open Science as a Mission Enabler at The Neuro

18:15 Panel Discussion

19:00 Networking events (1 breakout room per session)

20:00 CLOSING REMARKS: Yves De Koninck