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Cell Sorting Platform – Fees

Flow Cytometry90$140$220$
Cell Sorting110$180$250$
Protocols and analysis60$75$
hourly rate

* hourly rate

New Fees

• Charge will be by 30 minute period
• Cancellation fees corresponding to 1h30 will be charged if cancelation is made within 24 hours
• Late fees will start to be charged for 30 minute delay or more.
• An additionnal fee of 60$ will be added for a sterile sort for sorter preparation
• If sample preparation is needed, a fee of 50$ will be charges
• Possibility of buying lab materials (ex.: FACS tube, compensation beads, cell strainer tubes…) Charge will apply.
• 1 hour fees will apply when sort or analysis starts after 17h00 or during weekend

Last updated April 2023