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Viral vectors are the vehicles of choice to deliver genetically encoded tools to living cells in culture or in a live animal. They are modified viruses from which pathogenic sequences have been removed and replaced by genes of interest that the user wishes to introduce into cells. As many types of viruses exist, they have led to the development of various vectors with different characteristics (type of genome, genome length, enveloped or not, specific tropism etc.). Vectors based on Adeno Associated Viruses (AAVs) have been used extensively in neuroscience research and other fields as well as for human clinical applications. Their complete lack of pathogenicity associated with their ability to transduce non-dividing cells and relative ease of production have contributed to their success. Other viral vector types include Retroviruses, Human and Canine Adenoviruses, Rabies Viruses and Lentiviruses…

Vectorology Core

Located at the CERVO Brain Research Center (Université Laval), the group is led by Marie-Eve Paquet and composed of an extended team of experts in molecular biology, tissue culture, in vivo validation, microscopy, flow cytometry and process optimization. We strive to offer Canadian researchers the best quality vectors possible adapted to their needs. With that in mind, we work closely with a worldwide community of tools developers including those identifying new specific promoters, improved AAV capids, as well as experts in optogenetics such as our colleagues from the Protein Engineering Core.

The vectorology core has numerous distribution agreements with tool developers to disseminate optogenetic and viral tools.

map of distribution agreements - vectorology core

History of the vectorology core

Our Mission

The mission of the Vectorology Core is to make viral delivery tools widely available for the worldwide research community to catalyze advances in basic neuroscience and therapeutic development. With a focus on end-user needs, we are heavily involved in the development of custom tools and strategies. Together with the testing nodes of the COVF, we are also engaged in facilitating the validation of light sensitive and viral tools.

The viral vector core distributes molecular tools around the world.

Distribution network of viral vector tools produced by the vectorology core