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Discovery of a new means to erase pain

[[{“type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”fid”:”676″,”attributes”:{“class”:”media-image size-thumbnail wp-image-1037″,”typeof”:”foaf:Image”,”style”:””,”width”:”150″,”height”:”150″,”alt”:”Yves De Koninck”}}]] Yves De Koninck
Photo: Marc Robitaille

A study published in the scientific journal Nature Neuroscience by Yves De Koninck and Robert Bonin, two researchers at Université Laval, reveals that it is possible to relieve pain hypersensitivity using a new method that involves rekindling pain so that it can subsequently be erased. This discovery could lead to novel means to alleviate chronic pain.

Université Laval published a press release about this important discovery

Read the original research article in Nature Neuroscience:
Bonin RP, De Koninck Y. A spinal analog of memory reconsolidation enables reversal of hyperalgesia. Nat Neuroscience 2014 Jul 6. doi: 10.1038/nn.3758.