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TitleFemtosecond laser filament-assisted AgI-type pyrotechnic nucleant-induced water condensation in cloud chamber.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsSun, Haiyi, Yonghong Liu, Jiansheng Liu, Zhengjun Su, Jingjing Ju, Xingkai Hu, Cheng Wang, Tiejun Wang, See Leang Chin, Ruxin Li, and Zhizhan Xu
JournalOpt Express
Date Published2018 Nov 12

AgI-type pyrotechnics are widely used in the field of weather modification, as a kind of artificial ice nuclei. However, their precipitation yield remains an intensively studied area. In this paper, we present a study of AgI-type pyrotechnic nucleant-induced water condensation promoted by femtosecond laser filaments in a cloud chamber. It is found that when 50-ml sample was irradiated by the laser filaments, the particles condensed on the glass slide are more soluble and slightly larger (5-15 μm). The irradiation of the laser filament on the nucleant rarely induces the generation of particles of sizes larger than 1 μm; however, it increases the decay time of particles from 13 to 18 min by the creation of numerous small particles. The amount of snow on the cold bottom plate increases by 4.2-13.1% in 2 h, compared to that without the irradiation of the laser filament. These results are associated with the production of high-concentration HNO by the laser filament. The concentration of HNO in the melt water increases by more than ten times when the sample was irradiated by the laser filaments.

Alternate JournalOpt Express
PubMed ID30469930