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à l'interface de la physique et des neurosciences

École d’été aux frontières de la neurophotonique – Feedback des étudiants

(Commentaires des étudiants ayant participé à l’édition 2019 de l’école d’été)

As an optical engineer, it is very useful and important to understand what you look at in a microscope, to design new instruments. This summer school fulfills entirely this goal.

This summer school allows to develop an incredibly robust and versatile toolbox for any research involving optical imaging.’

The Neurophotonics workshop is an excellently organized tour-de-force of microscopy and imaging techniques, ranging from the principles of optics to the latest of microscopy setups. As a trained biologist, I have become confident in my understanding of microscopy and imaging due to the workshop and am no longer intimidated by the microscopy litterature. It’s exciting now to hear about the latest imaging techniques and a delight to think that perhaps I can put together a microscopy setup myself.

An excellent and very interdisciplinary summer school

Everything about the school was excellent. Highly recommended.

I have been doing meso- and microscopy for 3 years and never realized how much I didn’t understand. After this school, I feel like the whole field is available to me with such wonderful teaching and newfound understanding.

Great organisation combined with innovative science.

The Neurophotonics summer school was a great time and very informative. I will use much of what I learned in my research.

A great diversity of topics! Appropriate for those very familiar, and and new to neurophotonics

The summer school is super helpful for neuroscientists working on different subareas

Non-stop, effective, and fun.