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Feedback des étudiants 2016

Feedback for the 2016 edition of the Frontiers in Neurophotonics summer school was collected anonymously. Here are a few quotes from our students.

It was a really enlightening experience to see all the challenges associated with doing the experiments. I got a strong appreciation for how difficult and complicated the experiments can be.

I found it super exciting to do the project. I received a lot of support from my group, my tutor, and even tutors from other groups. I really enjoyed it.

It was really a fantastic week. Professors, even outside of the program were very approachable and willing to talk and explain things

you guys are excellent !! No doubt !!

I really learned a lot from being here – it was a great crash course for optics and all the techniques associated with it. I gained an appreciation for which techniques might be best to use depending on the experiment I want to do and the associated strengths and limitations of each technique. Though it would have been nice to have a little more free time to get a break from the intensity and have the opportunity to go and speak with the PIs or the tutors without sacrificing whatever we were supposed to be at the time (e.g., working on the mini-projects).

Overall an excellent course! Well organized, comprehensive and with excellent talks and demos. Hotel venue was well located and nice, transit was easy. Social events were well spaced and a good way to get to know coursemates. My only recommendation might be to better coordinate the timing of social events and morning lectures. Late nights followed by early mornings made some of the lectures a bit hard to attend to!

Congratulations!! Really nice time here, I come back to my lab with a lot of concepts and ideas in my backpack!


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