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Feedback des étudiants 2017

À propos des démos

What a great experience, bravo. I thoroughly enjoyed everything.


Across the board the tutors were clear in their explanations of concepts – I’ve rated techniques on their usefulness to me, but overall I think each technique presented has a clear usefulness for the questions being asked.

They were so useful!

Very good!

All the demo TAs were super friendly and generous with their time. Thank you all for teaching us so much (times 5)! Louis in particular, went out of his way to explain his setup in great detail! The « fishing » group’s interactive demo was very informative. Loved trying the techniques on the fish.

All the demos were great, some more relevant than others. I have some suggestions for mini-project, but I’ll tell that in person!

Les présentations

Everything was excellent. I highly enjoyed the talks.

I generally enjoyed all the speakers and got something useful out of each lecture.

All the talks were excellent really!

All very good, would be great if you could provide us with the slides

Loved the talk by Robert Campbell!

Au final…

A wonderful, wonderful school. I would highly recommend it to anyone, and had an excellent time. Bravo all!

Great job!

More time to let the messages sink it. A bit too intense.

The course was amazing and informative, I can’t think of anything that could be improved on!

Great overall experience, very little more I could want from a 10 day conference.

I’ve said it all in the other comments sections. This far exceeded my expectations and broadened my interests. I was stressed to leave my family for so long but it was worth it.

Keep up the good work!

Great work, my only suggestion as mentioned earlier to perhaps provide a profile of the speakers to the students so they are aware of who they are before speaking incase they are only here for limited time. Also, Mario you and your team are total superstars!