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Programme 2007

Ce programme n’est disponible qu’en anglais.
Monday, June 4th

Badge and attendee’s kit pickup at CRULRG

Opening session: Overview of Challenges in Neuroscience
(Yves de Koninck; CRULRG)

Welcoming cocktail

Tuesday, June 5th


Lectures session #1
– Overview of genetic tools for imaging and manipulating live cells and tissue (Claude Gravel, CRULRG)
– Synaptic photonics: Using light to study synaptic function
(George J. Augustine, Duke University)
– Live imaging of intracellular signaling events
(Paul De Koninck, CRULRG)
– Monitoring synaptogenesis in vivo (Edward Ruthazer, MNI, McGill University


Lectures session #2
– Optical approaches for cellular functional imaging
– Two-photon microscopy for imaging synaptic dynamics
(Lisa Topolnik,CRULRG)
– Imaging the activity of neurons and networks at high temporal resolution: new strategies(Stéphane Dieudonné, ENS Paris)
– Optical monitoring of membrane potential
(Jérôme Mertz, Boston Univ.)

Wednesday, June 6th


Lectures session #3
– Non-photonics techniques for neuroimaging in mice
(Mark Henkelman, MICe, Univ. Toronto)
– 3D optical projection tomography for developmental biology
(Mark Henkelman, MICe, Univ. Toronto)
– An introduction to confocal and nonlinear optical microscopy
(Peter C. So, M.I.T., Boston)
– Two-photon 3D tissue cytometry: High throughput, high content imaging
(Peter C. So, M.I.T., Boston)


Laboratory demonstrations (groups) and posters session


– Spatial challenges in cellular imaging: new approaches
(Jérôme Mertz, Boston Univ.)

Thursday, June 7th


Lectures session #4
– Overview of challenges in molecular tracking in live cells
– New approaches in single molecule imaging
(Laurent Cognet, CPMOH, Bordeaux)
– Single molecule tracking in live cells
(Laurent Groc, IFM, Bordeaux)
– Fluorescence spectroscopy for molecular tracking (FCS, ICS, PCH, etc.)
(Paul Wiseman, McGill Univ.)


Laboratory demonstrations (groups) and posters session


Closing session
– Novel spectroscopies for tissue imaging in situ
(Daniel Côté, CRULRG)