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TitlePulse polarization evolution and control in the wake of molecular alignment inside a filament.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsYuan, Shuai, Tie-Jun Wang, Haifeng Pan, Lijuan Zheng, See Leang Chin, and Heping Zeng
JournalOpt Express
Date Published2015 Mar 9

The polarization evolution and control of a femtosecond laser pulse in the wake of molecular alignment inside a laser filament was investigated. A weak probe pulse was delayed with respect to the field-free revivals of the pre-excited rotational wave-packets created by an infrared filamenting pulse in nitrogen gas. 30° was set between the pump and probe's initial linear polarization directions in order to control the output probe's polarization ellipse. The detailed physical response of the probe's polarization states was analyzed in the wake of alignment and dephasing of molecular N2. The probe's polarization was modulated by varying the retarded time between the pump and probe pulses.

Alternate JournalOpt Express
PubMed ID25836790