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TitleGain-switched fiber laser at 3.55  μm.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsJobin, Frédéric, Vincent Fortin, Frédéric Maes, Martin Bernier, and Réal Vallée
JournalOpt Lett
Date Published2018 Apr 15

We report, to the best of our knowledge, the first demonstration of a gain-switched fiber laser operating near 3.5 μm. A dual-wavelength pumping scheme consisting of a 1976 nm Q-switched fiber system and a continuous-wave 976 nm laser diode were used to gain-switch a monolithic erbium-doped fluorozirconate fiber laser cavity at 3.552 μm. Stable pulses were produced for repetition rates ranging between 15 and 20 kHz, and a record peak power of 204 W was achieved at 15 kHz. A quenching phenomenon was also observed at 15 kHz for 1976 nm pulse energies beyond 180 μJ.

Alternate JournalOpt Lett
PubMed ID29652360