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Imaging Position in Emory's Integrated Cellular Imaging (ICI) Core

We are currently looking for an additional member to join our team of imaging experts in Emory University's Integrated Cellular Imaging (ICI) core facility.  The ICI is one of the largest microscopy core facilities in the south eastern region with 18 microscopes and 5 analysis workstations across 4 locations on Emory's main campus (  We have multiple standard options such as widefield, confocal, and live cell spinning disk, together with advanced techniques including multiphoton, super-res, SPIM and lattice light sheet.  We are looking for a dedicated person passionate about imaging and helping life sciences researchers get the most out of today's cutting-edge microscopes and the ever-complicated data sets.

The role includes working with our light sheet and super-resolution microscopes (advising and assisting with acquisitions, and optimizing data analysis and post-acquisition workflows), together with troubleshooting and optimizing image acquisitions across multiple microscopes with an emphasis on quantitative data analysis.  In addition, the position requires regular meetings with researcher to train and assist with 2D/3D/4D data analyses using Fiji, CellProfiler, Imaris, Matlab etc.  Depending on interest and expertise there may also be threads of cloud computing and data logistics, 2D/3D/4D media and graphics, and more.

We're looking for a bachelors or masters level applicant with a passion for learning, helping, and attention to detail.  Ideal candidates should have experience with data analysis and a background that overlaps in one or more of the following subject areas: physics, optics, engineering, programming, or computer science.  While experience with fluorescence microscopy and biology is beneficial, it's not explicitly required, just an interest in learning the underlying principles of modern microscopy data.

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