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Jaideep Bains
(403) 220-7585
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Hotchkiss Brain Institute
3330 Hospital Drive NW
Calgary , AB, T2N 4N1

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Jaideep S Bains, Ph.D.

Studies how neural circuits respond and adapt to stress

University of Calgary Centre of Excellence Leader

Dr. Jaideep Bains studies how stress affects brain function and connections.
His team is specifically interested in studying the effects of stress at the level of the connection between nerve cells, the synapse.  His research has recently provided insight into how stress is remembered at the molecular level in the brain, and how hormones interact to feedback inhibit the response to stress through direct action on the brain.
Dr. Bains' team studies uses techniques ranging from behavioral studies to the study of individual molecules at the level of the synapse, including studies of neural pathways using electrical recordings of activity and the latest optogenetics-based approaches.
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