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Jean-Nicolas Simard, Winner of a GMP training offer by the Advanced Therapies Training Institute from CellCan Network.

Congratulation to Jean-Nicolas Simard who wins a training offer by the ThéCell. ThéCell ( is a network which promote translational research in Tissular, Cellular and Genic Therapies in the Quebec province. The training constitute in 5 courses from the catalog of the Advanced Therapies Training Institute (CATTI) of CellCan which is specialized on practical aspect of works in clean room. The CellCan ( mission is to improve the quality, safety and feasibility of cell and gene therapy in Canada through optimal manufacturing practices. The training is specifically focused on the Biopharmaceutic manufacturing of Cellular and Tissue technology.

Jean-Nicolas Simard is working with Marie-Eve Paquet as Quality Leader on the Vectorolgy Core and acts as Chief Operating Officer of the COVF.