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Neurophotonics Platform Launch Meeting

The Neurophotonics Centre hosted the Launch meeting for the Canadian Neurophotonics Platform on December 16-17 2014 in Québec city.  The platform aims to develop, test and promote new neurophotonics tools using the power of optics and and photonics to serve research in neurosciences and the brain.

The lauch meeting was a great opportunity for platform members and important collaborators to prioritize the objectives and goals of the new platform.  You can read the announcement of the project here:

$3.3M from the Canadian Brain Research Fund for the Canadian Neurophotonics Platform
From left to right: Alan Fine, Ed Ruthazer, Tim Murphy, Yves De Koninck, Paul De Koninck, Jean-Claude Béïque, Katalin Toth, Mario Méthot

Second row: Daniel Côté, Robert Campbell, Marie-Ève Paquet, Isabelle Labonté

Absents at the time of the picture: André Longtin, Nizar Chetoui

Joined by video-conference: Jaideep Bains, Paul Wiseman