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Neurophotonics satellite and datablitz meetings in Montreal


The Canadian Neurophotonics Platform held a satellite and a trainee meeting before the Canadian Neuroscience meeting. Organized by Platform leader Ed Ruthazer, both events were great opportunities to network and highlight the research supported by the platform.

The trainee meeting, held on the evening of May 27th at the Montreal Neurological Institute, brought together many platform leaders and team members, and featured presentations by representatives of each team.

The Neurophotonics CAN satellite meeting, held all day on May 28th, chaired by Yves De Koninck, Ed Ruthazer, Jaideep Bains and Kurt Haas, featured presentations by 


  • Daniel Côté (CERVO Brain Research Center, Université Laval): Rapid high resolution volumetric imaging with lightsheet microscopy
  • Robert Campbell (University of Alberta): Optogenetic tools for neurophotonics
  • Darcy Peterka (Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, Columbia University): 3D optical control of neural activity
  • Jonathan Britt (McGill University/Concordia University): Synchronized fluctuations in multiple excitatory inputs to the nucleus accumbens underlies food seeking behavior
  • Chen Yan (The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto): Using mini-microscope to investigate fear memory deficit in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Tim Murphy (University of British Columbia): Technologies for imaging mesoscale functional connectivity in mouse brain
  • Paul De Koninck (CERVO Brain Research Center, Université Laval): Optical imaging of Netrin secretion and spatial dynamics to support synaptic plasticity
  • Katalin Toth (CERVO Brain Research Center, Université Laval): Fast two-photon imaging of subcellular voltage dynamics with new genetically encoded indicators
  • Jean-Claude Béïque (University of Ottawa): Calibration and use of an optical sensor to study transmission at single synapses

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