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Neurophysics Students


It is no surprise to find students in the Neurophysics research groups coming from backgrounds such as biology, medicine, computational science, physics, materials science or chemistry.  Our students are strongly encouraged to diversify their knowledge by following basic and specialty courses in other departments.

This forms highly skilled individuals with the ability to interpret different facets of complex problems. A recent survey performed with local companies in Quebec, from optics and biotechnology fields, shows a strong demand for such students with high education and broad skills. Due to the explosion of biotechnologies in the recent years, the Neurophysics groups and education program become an outstanding place for students to develop their skills and for companies to find their next employees.

We are also seeking undergraduate students willing to spend their Summer semester in one of our research groups.  This allows students to get a taste of what neurophotonics is, while allowing us to get a first contact with our future graduate students.

Do not hesitate to contact us or one of our faculty members for more information. Please attach a motivation letter describing why you wish to join our research groups.