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Posted: 2016-04-08

Lady Davis Institute - Jewish General Hospital - McGill University
Montreal, CANADA
Dr. H. Uri Saragovi
Training of candidates should span Chemical Biology, Pharmacology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, and Translational Medicine

(1) Neurobiology Disease Mechanisms and Experimental Therapeutics.
Molecular basis of disease, target validation, therapy in animal models:
● diabetic retinopathy (main disease target)
● vascular pathologies of the retina
● glaucoma
● retinitis pigmentosa
In vivo models of ocular disease, ocular surgery, biochemical and molecular biological techniques. Validation of novel targets for new pharmaceuticals.

Posted: 2015-11-04

3D imaging of nano-objects using interferences. Application to the detection of molecules inside brains.
Laboratoire Photonique Numérique et Nanosciences (LP2N), Bordeaux, France
Pierre Bon & Laurent Cognet
Nanophotonic group:
e-mail /
Determining the 3D position of an object has become a key point in numerous...

Posted: 2015-11-04

The Department of Biological Sciences at Purdue University invites applications for a tenuretrack faculty position at the Assistant Professor level in the areas of neurophysiology and/or neural circuitry. We seek candidates with research experience in connectivity, synaptic plasticity, neural activity and behavior at the molecular, cellular, or organismal level. Applicants using zebrafish, fly, rodent, or other animal model systems of human disease, as well as innovative approaches including optogenetics, molecular genetics, electrophysiology, or advanced imaging are especially encouraged to apply.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in an appropriate discipline and at least 2 years of postdoctoral experience with a strong track record. The successful candidate is...

Posted: 2015-09-04

Campbell Laboratory (
A postdoctoral researcher position focussed on the development of a new generation of genetically encoded neural activity indicators is available in the lab of Dr. Robert E. Campbell at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This position is funded by an NIH grant awarded as part of the United States Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative. 

One of the major challenges facing the BRAIN initiative is the development of technologies that will enable the recording of neural activity throughout the entire volume of a rodent brain. Optical imaging approaches for recording of neural...

Posted: 2015-08-17

ANANDA (Advanced Nano Design Applications) is a medical devices start-up company devoted to improving biomedical research and diagnostics through the development of products and technologies that make drug discovery faster and more cost-effective. ANANDA started as an interdisciplinary collaboration at McGill and is now building a multidisciplinary
team to bring nanotechnology to life sciences.

ANANDA has an immediate opening for an engineer position. The engineer's primary purpose is to help develop new products and scale up manufacturing to address client's needs.

View full advertisement (PDF): ANANDA Engineer position