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Paul Wiseman
Wiseman Research Group
(514) 398-6524
(514) 398-6242

Department of Chemistry
McGill University
Otto Maass (OM) Chemistry Building
801 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3A 0B8

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Paul W Wiseman, Ph.D.

Research at the interface between physical, chemical and biological sciences

Neurophotonics Platform Collaborator
Neurophotonics Centre collaborator

Professor of Physics & Chemistry | McGill University
Otto Maass Chair in Chemistry
Paul Wiseman's research interests lie at the interface between the physical and biological sciences. He is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in cellular adhesion (how biological cells stick together and to an underlying substrate) and how cells dynamically regulate adhesion receptors to control cellular migration.
He is also interested in developing new biophysical methods such as third harmonic generation (THG) microscopy and the use of bio-conjugated quantum dots as robust luminescent labels for biophysical imaging applications on live cells.
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