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Positions open at different levels - Balbi lab Queensland Brain Institute, in Brisbane, Australia

The Balbi lab will open its doors this August at the Queensland Brain Institute, in Brisbane, Australia. The lab will employ a multi-level approach combining in vivo imaging techniques and optogenetics to investigate neuroprotective mechanisms of the brain under pathological conditions such as stroke. Our goal is to understand the intrinsic mechanisms of the brain to restore itself and harness them for therapeutic purposes by using a multi-level approach that includes neuronal, systems and behavioural analysis. Our vision is to recruit and enhance the intrinsic mechanisms of neuroprotection through recovery paradigms tailored individually by automated assessment and AI-controlled feedback.

We are currently accepting applications at different levels. Take a look at “our philosophy” and “join” pages in the lab website: People with a background in electrophysiology, in vivo imaging or computational analysis are encouraged to apply.