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Balbi, Matilde, Matthieu P. Vanni, Max J. Vega, Gergely Silasi, Yuki Sekino, Jamie D. Boyd, Jeffrey M. LeDue, and Timothy H. Murphy. "Longitudinal monitoring of mesoscopic cortical activity in a mouse model of microinfarcts reveals dissociations with behavioral and motor function." J Cereb Blood Flow Metab (2018): 271678X18763428.
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Vanni, Matthieu P., Allen W. Chan, Matilde Balbi, Gergely Silasi, and Timothy H. Murphy. "Mesoscale Mapping of Mouse Cortex Reveals Frequency-Dependent Cycling between Distinct Macroscale Functional Modules." J Neurosci 37, no. 31 (2017): 7513-7533.
Balbi, Matilde, Matthieu P. Vanni, Gergely Silasi, Yuki Sekino, Luis Bolanos, Jeffrey M. LeDue, and Timothy H. Murphy. "Targeted ischemic stroke induction and mesoscopic imaging assessment of blood flow and ischemic depolarization in awake mice." Neurophotonics 4, no. 3 (2017): 035001.
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Parsons, Matthew P., Matthieu P. Vanni, Cameron L. Woodard, Rujun Kang, Timothy H. Murphy, and Lynn A. Raymond. "Real-time imaging of glutamate clearance reveals normal striatal uptake in Huntington disease mouse models." Nat Commun 7 (2016): 11251.
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