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Pandžić, Elvis, Asmahan Abu-Arish, Renee M. Whan, John W. Hanrahan, and Paul W. Wiseman. "Velocity landscape correlation resolves multiple flowing protein populations from fluorescence image time series." Methods 140-141 (2018): 126-139.
Ashdown, George W., Garth L. Burn, David J. Williamson, Elvis Pandžić, Ruby Peters, Michael Holden, Helge Ewers, Lin Shao, Paul W. Wiseman, and Dylan M. Owen. "Live-Cell Super-resolution Reveals F-Actin and Plasma Membrane Dynamics at the T Cell Synapse." Biophys J 112, no. 8 (2017): 1703-1713.
van Oostende-Triplet, Chloë, Dominique Guillet, Thomas Triplet, Elvis Pandžić, Paul W. Wiseman, and Anja Geitmann. "Vesicle Dynamics during Plant Cell Cytokinesis Reveals Distinct Developmental Phases." Plant Physiol 174, no. 3 (2017): 1544-1558.
Meddens, Marjolein B. M., Elvis Pandžić, Johan A. Slotman, Dominique Guillet, Ben Joosten, Svenja Mennens, Laurent M. Paardekooper, Adriaan B. Houtsmuller, Koen van den Dries, Paul W. Wiseman, and Alessandra Cambi. "Actomyosin-dependent dynamic spatial patterns of cytoskeletal components drive mesoscale podosome organization." Nat Commun 7 (2016): 13127.
Abu-Arish, Asmahan, Elvis Pandžić, Julie Goepp, Elizabeth Matthes, John W. Hanrahan, and Paul W. Wiseman. "Cholesterol modulates CFTR confinement in the plasma membrane of primary epithelial cells." Biophys J 109, no. 1 (2015): 85-94.
Brandão, Hugo B., Hussain Sangji, Elvis Pandžić, Susanne Bechstedt, Gary J. Brouhard, and Paul W. Wiseman. "Measuring ligand-receptor binding kinetics and dynamics using k-space image correlation spectroscopy." Methods 66, no. 2 (2014): 273-82.
Toplak, Tim, Elvis Pandžić, Lingfeng Chen, Miguel Vicente-Manzanares, Alan Rick Horwitz, and Paul W. Wiseman. "STICCS reveals matrix-dependent adhesion slipping and gripping in migrating cells." Biophys J 103, no. 8 (2012): 1672-82.