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Paproski, Robert J., Yan Li, Quinn Barber, John D. Lewis, Robert E. Campbell, and Roger Zemp. "Validating tyrosinase homologue melA as a photoacoustic reporter gene for imaging Escherichia coli." J Biomed Opt 20, no. 10 (2015): 106008.
Moore, Jeffrey D., Nicole Mercer Lindsay, Martin Deschênes, and David Kleinfeld. "Vibrissa Self-Motion and Touch Are Reliably Encoded along the Same Somatosensory Pathway from Brainstem through Thalamus." PLoS Biol 13, no. 9 (2015): e1002253.
Gagnon-Turcotte, Gabriel, Alireza Avakh Kisomi, Reza Ameli, Charles-Olivier Dufresne Camaro, Yoan LeChasseur, Jean-Luc Néron, Paul Brule Bareil, Paul Fortier, Cyril Bories, Yves De Koninck et al. "A Wireless Optogenetic Headstage with Multichannel Electrophysiological Recording Capability." Sensors (Basel) 15, no. 9 (2015): 22776-97.