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Ferrini, Francesco, Tuan Trang, Theresa-Alexandra M. Mattioli, Sophie Laffray, Thomas Del'Guidice, Louis-Etienne Lorenzo, Annie Castonguay, Nicolas Doyon, Wenbo Zhang, Antoine G. Godin et al. "Morphine hyperalgesia gated through microglia-mediated disruption of neuronal Cl⁻ homeostasis." Nat Neurosci 16, no. 2 (2013): 183-92.
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Inoue, Wataru, Dinara V. Baimoukhametova, Tamás Füzesi, Jaclyn I. Wamsteek Cusulin, Kathrin Koblinger, Patrick J. Whelan, Quentin J. Pittman, and Jaideep S. Bains. "Noradrenaline is a stress-associated metaplastic signal at GABA synapses." Nat Neurosci 16, no. 5 (2013): 605-12.
Arsenault, Dany, Alexandre Dal-Pan, Cyntia Tremblay, David A. Bennett, Matthieu J. Guitton, Yves De Koninck, Susumu Tonegawa, and Frédéric Calon. "PAK inactivation impairs social recognition in 3xTg-AD Mice without increasing brain deposition of tau and Aβ." J Neurosci 33, no. 26 (2013): 10729-40.
Lynes, Emily M., Arun Raturi, Marina Shenkman, Carolina Ortiz Sandoval, Megan C. Yap, Jiahui Wu, Aleksandra Janowicz, Nathan Myhill, Matthew D. Benson, Robert E. Campbell et al. "Palmitoylation is the switch that assigns calnexin to quality control or ER Ca2+ signaling." J Cell Sci 126, no. Pt 17 (2013): 3893-903.
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Sirko, Swetlana, Gwendolyn Behrendt, Pia Annette Johansson, Pratibha Tripathi, Marcos Costa, Sarah Bek, Christophe Heinrich, Steffen Tiedt, Dilek Colak, Martin Dichgans et al. "Reactive glia in the injured brain acquire stem cell properties in response to sonic hedgehog. [corrected]." Cell Stem Cell 12, no. 4 (2013): 426-39.
Berret, Emmanuelle, Benjamin Nehmé, Mélaine Henry, Katalin Toth, Guy Drolet, and Didier Mouginot. "Regulation of central Na+ detection requires the cooperative action of the NaX channel and α1 Isoform of Na+/K+-ATPase in the Na+-sensor neuronal population." J Neurosci 33, no. 7 (2013): 3067-78.
Daou, Ihab, Alexander H. Tuttle, Geraldine Longo, Jeffrey S. Wieskopf, Robert P. Bonin, Ariel R. Ase, John N. Wood, Yves De Koninck, Alfredo Ribeiro-da-Silva, Jeffrey S. Mogil et al. "Remote optogenetic activation and sensitization of pain pathways in freely moving mice." J Neurosci 33, no. 47 (2013): 18631-40.
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Mohajerani, Majid H., Allen W. Chan, Mostafa Mohsenvand, Jeffrey LeDue, Rui Liu, David A. McVea, Jamie D. Boyd, Yu Tian Wang, Mark Reimers, and Timothy H. Murphy. "Spontaneous cortical activity alternates between motifs defined by regional axonal projections." Nat Neurosci 16, no. 10 (2013): 1426-35.
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Flynn, Robyn, Étienne Labrie-Dion, Nikolas Bernier, Michael A. Colicos, Paul De Koninck, and Gerald W. Zamponi. "Activity-dependent subcellular cotrafficking of the small GTPase Rem2 and Ca2+/CaM-dependent protein kinase IIα." PLoS One 7, no. 7 (2012): e41185.
Magdesian, Margaret H., Fernando S. Sanchez, Monserratt Lopez, Peter Thostrup, Nela Durisic, Wiam Belkaid, Dalinda Liazoghli, Peter Grutter, and David R. Colman. "Atomic force microscopy reveals important differences in axonal resistance to injury." Biophys J 103, no. 3 (2012): 405-14.
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Harrison, Thomas C., Oliver G. S. Ayling, and Timothy H. Murphy. "Distinct cortical circuit mechanisms for complex forelimb movement and motor map topography." Neuron 74, no. 2 (2012): 397-409.