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Zhang, C, D V. Baimoukhametova, C M. Smith, J S. Bains, and Andrew L. Gundlach. "Relaxin-3/RXFP3 signalling in mouse hypothalamus: no effect of RXFP3 activation on corticosterone, despite reduced presynaptic excitatory input onto paraventricular CRH neurons in vitro." Psychopharmacology (Berl) 234, no. 11 (2017): 1725-1739.
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Gagnon, D, S Petryszyn, M G. Sanchez, C Bories, J M. Beaulieu, Y De Koninck, A Parent, and M Parent. "Striatal Neurons Expressing D1 and D2 Receptors are Morphologically Distinct and Differently Affected by Dopamine Denervation in Mice." Sci Rep 7 (2017): 41432.
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Chabrat, Audrey, Guillaume Brisson, Hélène Doucet-Beaupré, Charleen Salesse, Marcos Schaan Profes, Axelle Dovonou, Cléophace Akitegetse, Julien Charest, Suzanne Lemstra, Daniel Côté et al. "Transcriptional repression of Plxnc1 by Lmx1a and Lmx1b directs topographic dopaminergic circuit formation." Nat Commun 8, no. 1 (2017): 933.
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