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Quebec Mental Health Institute

Centre of excellence

Key researcher: Paul De Koninck, Ph.D

The Neurophotonics Centre is located at the Québec Mental Health Institute - Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Québec (IUSMQ), and has unique expertise in Neurophotonics research.  

Examples of the expertise of Paul De Koninck and his colleagues include:

  • calcium imaging,
  • video microscopy to track cells,
  • tracking single molecules,
  • STED and other super resolution imaging techniques, with multiple colors.  

Multiple other technologies have been developed by members of the Neurophotonics Centre, such as

  • optrodes and microoptrodes, which are probes that can be used to simultaneously stimulate with light and record activity of single cells.
  • expertise in microscopy
  • fiber optics technologies, developed in collaboration with engineers and physicists, members of the Neurophotonics centre. 

The Neurophotonics Centre is also recognized for its training programs.


Platform overview

The Neurophotonics platform is composed of three core production facilities that produce novel tools in a collaborative way. Development and optimisation is further enabled through testing and validation of the tools by Centres of excellence across Canada. Learn more about each node by clicking on it.