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Robert E Campbell
Campbell Lab | U Alberta
(780) 492-1849
(780) 492-8231

Robert E. Campbell, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry,
11227 Saskatchewan Drive,
University of Alberta,
Edmonton, Alberta
T6G 2G2 Canada

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Robert E Campbell, Ph.D.

Uses protein engineering to invent novel tools for neurophotonics

Scientific Advisor | Optogenetics Protein Engineering Facility
University of Alberta Centre of Excellence Leader

Professor - Department of Chemistry - University of Alberta

Robert E Campbell uses protein engineering to invent new tools for imaging dynamic biochemical events in live cells and tissues.

He distributes these tools to cell biologists and neuroscientists who apply them to address questions ranging from fundamental mechanisms in cell biology, to the underlying causes of mental illness, to the development of novel therapeutics.

A full list of projects and representative publications are available on his website: Campbell Group - Projects

Some of the proteins developed by Robert Campbell and his team at the Optogenetic protein engineering facility can be found in these databases:

Fluorescent Biosensor Database at UCSD


Recent publications