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TitleTemporal evolution of condensation and precipitation induced by a 22-TW laser.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsJu, Jingjing, Haiyi Sun, Xingkai Hu, Yonghong Liu, Yaoxiang Liu, Jingwei Wang, Cheng Wang, Tie-Jun Wang, Xueliang Guo, Jiansheng Liu, See Leang Chin, Ruxin Li, and Zhizhan Xu
JournalOpt Express
Date Published2018 Feb 05

Water condensation and precipitation induced by 22-TW 800-nm laser pulses at 1 Hz in an open cloud chamber were investigated in a time-resolved manner. Two parts of precipitation in two independent periods of time were observed directly following each laser shot. One part started around the filament zone at t < 500 μs and ended at t ≅ 1.5 ms after the arrival of the femtosecond laser pulse. The other following the laser-induced energetic air motion (turbulence), started at t ≅ 20 ms and ended at t ≅ 120 ms. Meanwhile, the phase transitions of large-size condensation droplets with diameters of 400-500 μm from liquid to solid (ice) in a cold area (T < -30 °C) were captured at t ≅ 20 ms.

Alternate JournalOpt Express
PubMed ID29401814