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University of British Columbia Murphy lab: PDF and graduate students wanted, automated in vivo imaging and optogenetics mouse cortex.

The Murphy lab at the University of British Columbia is looking for both graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to join a dynamic research team focused on the function of mouse cortex in both normal brain as well as models of stroke and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Applicants should have experience in quantitative methods and computer programming and/or behavioral neuroscience.  Software systems include both data acquisition and analysis using Python or/and Matlab. Current projects evolve around automated brain imaging using mouse home cages The lab has a fully equipped makerspace with a 3D printer and electronics and other hardware fabrication facilities. Future work includes integration of mouse behavioral tasks, including go-, no-go- and fine motor control with automated brain imaging and optogenetic stimulation or inhibition. Projects are focused around two major disease areas, which include stroke and mouse models of neuropsychiatric disorders. The laboratory is part of the UBC Centre for Brain Health and the Graduate program in Neuroscience. These entities form a vibrant research community. Applicants are encouraged to apply directly to Tim Murphy and after an initial application are expected to include 3 letters of reference plus an undergraduate and graduate transcript.

Salary and stipends are consistent with Canadian granting standards.

Please write:   and send initial CV

Tim Murphy, PhD  Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry
University of British Columbia
2255 Wesbrook Mall
Detwiller Pavilion Rm. 4N1
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z3