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Neurophotonics journal special section: Frontiers in Neurophotonics – Part 2

This Special Section, appearing in Neurophotonics Volume 10 Issue 4 and Volume 11 Issue 1, was inspired by the Frontiers in Neurophotonics Symposium that was held in October 2022 in Québec City, Canada . This symposium was the sixth in a series of international conferences dedicated to the new frontiers in microscopy and neuroscience, co-organized by Université de Bordeaux and Université Laval.

All articles are available in open access.

Read Special Section Guest Editorial: Frontiers in Neurophotonics, Yves De Koninck, Paul De Koninck, Anna Devor and Flavie Lavoie-Cardinal. The editorial presents the two-part Special Section on Frontiers in Neurophotonics.

We also invite you to read the Community paper: Understanding the nervous system: lessons from Frontiers in Neurophotonics, by Yves De Koninck, et al.

The Frontiers in Neurophotonics Symposium is a biennial event that brings together neurobiologists and physicists/engineers who share interest in the development of leading-edge photonics-based approaches to understand and manipulate the nervous system, from its individual molecular components to complex networks in the intact brain. In this Community paper, we highlight several topics that have been featured at the symposium that took place in October 2022 in Québec City, Canada.

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